Book Covers – Non-Fiction

Sample Covers


Broken Glass Broken Lives-Sm
Rita Kuhn’s memoir of growing up as a Jew in Berlin during World War II is a compelling and moving story. I gave the image an aged look to portray the historical aspect, and added the star to convey the way Rita stood out in society.

Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs-Sm
For Jay Cohen’s book on Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs, my goal was to show that the book is informative with cutting-edge information. I put less emphasis on images and more emphasis on the text.

In Beth Barany’s Twitter for Authors, the cover needed to have the feeling of being informative. I minimized the use of images to portray the message in as simple a way as possible: Using Twitter with love and kindness can bring in extra income.

In this travel journal by Jeffrey Neil Simon, Notes From the Sand, the original manuscript was written in the beginning of portable computers. I used a standard typewriter font and a polaroid frame for the small image to set the time period of his journey.

The original Overcome Writer’s Block cover looked a little bland. Beth asked me to redo it, so I worked at portraying the sensation of overcoming writer’s block by showing an abundance of ideas shooting out from the book.


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