Writer's Fun Zone by Beth Barany


My Favorite Monsters by Nevada McPherson

Halloween is on its way; time to get out Boney, our life-size skeleton decoration. He’s been around for several years now. His skull fell off his neck, but we repaired him and now he’s sitting in a fold-out chair on our porch, waving at passers-by, his skeleton hand high in the air.


I Don’t Believe in Writer’s Block by Hugh Tipping

I don’t believe in writer’s block. I find the term to be a misnomer. When a car runs out of gas and stops, the driver doesn’t yell “Oh, no! I’m blocked!” The car is not blocked. It just has nothing to run on.


Are You Positive? by Carol Malone

I don’t know if you’re like me, but watching all the disasters taking place recently has left me feeling forlorn for the loss of life and property, and less than positive about the future.


Time Management – How to Eek Out More Time by Chloe Adler

I wrote one blog on the tools one can use for productivity before at and all of those tools still stand. They’re all great. What I found was that I used too many at once and that didn’t end up working well for me as I spent more time inputting and checking off than was necessary.


Q&A with Developmental Editor Sue Brown-Moore and Beth Barany

Recently I interviewed developmental editor, acquisitions editor, and podcaster, Sue Brown-Moore, for my occasional Ask A Writing Coach series. Sue and I talked about editing, how to prepare for an editor, and how to handle feedback from an editor.


Q&A With Scrivener Coach, Vanessa Kier #askaWritingCoach

Recently I interviewed novelist and Scrivener coach, Vanessa Kier, for my occasional Ask A Writing Coach series. Vanessa and I talked about the basics about Scrivener and she shared with me some tips and tricks. I hope you enjoy the video. You can also check out the audio-only format.


Learning from Our Reading by Martin Haworth

Over the summer I’ve been reading a lot (haven’t we all?) and I’ve realised that my reading has changed a little as I’ve started to write more and with the hindsight of what I’ve learned along the way.