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Should versus What? The Risk of Living a Creative Life

Should versus What? The Risk of Living a Creative Life. We are social creatures and learn how to be so by copying our parents and then later our peers.

Over the years, and actually starting quite young, we develop a sense of the “rules” of our family culture, then our wider culture.


The Power of Nanowrimo + Survey!

IN THIS ARTICLE — On the power of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and a Survey for you! Jump here to take the survey right away. Welcome new subscribers from the Writer’s Fun Zone...


Getting Intimate with Your Characters by Kay Keppler

A famous author once said that every book should contain a love story. Now, that author might not have thought that the love story needed a sex scene, but many novelists writing in every genre do include sex scenes in their books. And there’s a problem with that.


My Favorite Monsters by Nevada McPherson

Halloween is on its way; time to get out Boney, our life-size skeleton decoration. He’s been around for several years now. His skull fell off his neck, but we repaired him and now he’s sitting in a fold-out chair on our porch, waving at passers-by, his skeleton hand high in the air.