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Calling Dedicated Novelists

Welcome to Fall. It’s been a time of deep reflection for me and a time of celebration. I want to tell you about a new investment level for the upcoming Plan Your Novel course...


Passion and Voice: An Excerpt from Making Your Creative Mark by Eric Maisel

A logical — and vital — relationship exists between passion and voice. It is very hard to be passionate about what you’re doing if you haven’t found your voice as an artist. Imagine being forced to sing an octave too high or an octave too low, straining to hit notes that you can’t really hit and that aren’t natural to you. It would be very hard to be passionate about singing in that situation.


Games and Contests: Creative Building Blocks for Writers by Wyatt G. Bessing

Sitting down with my first student for the day, I open a new game, Zing!: The Bewitching Storymaking Game. We take turns placing words like magnetic poetry magnets, slowing creating a story of a boy playing violin as his mother watches scornfully. We gradually reveal her belligerence and anger.


~Work du Soleil~ Part Deux: The Enchanting Product Playground with Marney Makridakis from

Calling all bold, boisterous bohemian souls: Marney Makridakis from is presenting an all-new, soulfully whimsical FREE teleworkshop happening on Thursday, September 27: “~Work du Soleil~ Part Deux: The Enchanting Product Playground.” Learn her...