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Thrillers and Mysteries

In thrillers, the name of the author is the most important aspect of the cover. My Jewish version of The Da Vinci Code, The Torah Codes, was the first cover I designed so I did not make my name as prominent as I should have. In this case, I conveyed the Jewish aspects by using a Hebrew-style font and a parchment background for the letters. The hero is a computer programmer, so I combined a tunnel of ones and zeros with a matrix of Hebrew letters. To portray the action of the book, I had the image be a running businessman.

Here is the cover for my latest novel. In this sequel to The Torah Codes, The 36 Righteous, a Serial Killer’s Hit List has my name set as a more appropriate size for the thriller genre. For thrillers, the fonts are typically tall. I reused the background from the first novel and gave it a different color to make the branding consistent. A current trend in thrillers is to use a bull’s eye and have the target be at the center of the bull’s eye.

In mysteries and suspense, the covers portray less action than thriller covers and show more uncertainty. I stretched the font and image tall and thin to convey the sense that something is not right. The black and white image full of shadows helps portray the seat-gripping experience the readers can expect to have.

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