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Why I Don’t Hate Editing by Hugh Tipping

Arguably, the most popular episode of the 1950’s sitcom “I Love Lucy” was the episode “Job Switching” in which friends Lucy and Ethel took a job in a candy factory. In that episode’s celebrated scene, they had to hand wrap individual chocolates moving along a conveyor belt into a packing room. They were able to keep up until the belt sped up resulting in a hilarious scramble to prevent any unwrapped candies from getting by.


Self-Editing at the Finish Line by Kay Keppler

Your book is finished. You’ve written a first draft, and maybe you’ve revised it—maybe even several times. You wonder if it’s “finished.” It might be. You might have a perfect gem on your hands. However, you might want to take another look—a slow, careful look—after you’ve let it rest for a week or two.