Q&A with Developmental Editor Sue Brown-Moore and Beth Barany

Q&A with Developmental Editor Sue Brown-Moore and Beth BaranyRecently I interviewed developmental editor, acquisitions editor, and podcaster, Sue Brown-Moore, for my occasional Ask A Writing Coach series.

Sue and I talked about editing, how to prepare for an editor, and how to handle feedback from an editor. I hope you enjoy the video. You can also check out the audio-only format.





Sue has graciously offered a Diagnostic Edit on Your Novel ($125 value) to one lucky person who has signed up for our Plan Your Novel & Giveaway here happening Sept. 23rd. Sign up by this date before 6pm Pacific to be eligible to be in the drawing.

Diagnostic Edit on Your Novel

The winner of this prize will get a high-level analysis on the first 4,500 words of your story and learn how you can improve the foundational elements of your story, such as pace, continuity, plot, world-building, characterization, & voice.

The winner needs to use this prize by January 31, 2018.

The Diagnostic Edit covers the first 4500 words of your story and includes:

  • A mini version of the Editorial Report that comes with both versions of my Developmental Edits.
  • This includes a high-level analysis of how you can improve the foundational elements of your story, such as pace, continuity, plot, world-building, characterization, & voice
  • Targeted line edits, to suggest better phrasing for key passages
  • Highlights to mark passages in your story for additional development or line improvements

The Diagnostic Edit is ideal for:

  • Getting feedback on the early chapters of your story before submitting it to a contest
  • Deciding whether your story is ready for developmental editing
  • Getting a feel for the type of editing I do so you can decide if we’d make a good team


Sue “DaVinciKittie” Brown-Moore is a freelance Developmental Editor passionate about helping authors bring out the best in their stories. In her work as a freelance editor, she has partnered with notable and award-winning romantic fiction talents such as authors Gail Carriger, Donya Lynne, Asa Maria Bradley, and Cecy Robson. Sue is a fiction editor experienced in the genres of romance, urban fantasy, epic dark fantasy, and crime thrillers and has tamed manuscripts ranging in length from 7.5k to 180k words. Schedule a sample edit with Sue here.

Sue is also a veteran romance blogger and has been pimping book boyfriends on GraveTells.com since 2010. Sue and GraveTells have won several blogging awards, and she has been a Featured Blogger for Coastal Magic Convention and a nominee for Blog of the Year at Authors After Dark. She is the co-coordinator for the San Francisco Area RWA chapter’s Heart To Heart competition and has judged the Prism, Passionate Plume, and On the Far Side contests. Sue has recently teamed up with Dreamspinner Press as an acquisitions editor for the Dreamspun lines and is excited about discovering fresh new voices in gay romantic fiction.


Site: http://davincikittie.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/davincikittie
Instagram: http://instagram.com/gravetells
Email: Sue @ DaVinciKittie.com


Site: http://gravetells.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/gravetells
Twitter: http://twitter.com/gravetells
Youtube: http://youtube.com/davincikittie
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/gravetells

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Beth Barany is the author of Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers.Beth Barany is creativity coach for writers, a teacher, workshop facilitator, and speaker, helping writers address overwhelm and confusion so that they can write, market, and publish their fiction. And make it fun!

Owner of the Barany School of Fiction, an online training hub, Beth takes great interest in how humans learn, create, and grow, and includes all her students’ life experiences, including the ancestors, into the moment. Check out the comprehensive Plan Your Novel course here.

She also writes magical tales of romance and adventure to empower women and girls to jump into life with both feet and be the heroes in their own lives. Check out her Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series here (YA Fantasy) and her magical and romantic Touchstone series here (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance).

Support her mission to empower women and girls with her fiction on Patreon here.

Read her latest book for writers, Twitter for Authors, here.

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