Mid-Year Reflection Assessment for Fiction Writers by Beth Barany

It’s nearly half-way through the year — a good time to reflect on how far you’ve come, and how far you’d like to go by the time you lift a glass of bubbly to welcome in the new year. Time for an assessment!

This time of year is always a time of reflection for me because it’s my birthday half way through June.

I step away from the normal routines and ask myself some questions:

  • What’s working?
  • What would I like more of?
  • What am I frustrated about?

Frustration is a huge clue for me about what I want more of and what I want changed.

What is your clue that you want something different?

So, here’s my assessment.

What’s working: Yes, to writing. Yes, to teaching and coaching. Yes, to movement: my walk/jog routine.

What I’d like more of: I want to do a lot more writing of stories and screenplays. I want to exercise more and more often.

How will I do these two things: I’ll block off time in my schedule and say No more often to anything that is not those things during that time.

A sacred pact with myself.

Storytelling is how I serve the world.

Exercise is how I serve myself.

I need both to be a dynamic force on the planet.

Tweet: Storytelling is how I serve the world. Exercise how I serve myself. I need both to be a dynamic force on the planet. https://ctt.ec/7v40i+Click to tweet: Storytelling is how I serve the world. Exercise is how I serve myself. I need both to be a dynamic force on the planet.

What I’m frustrated about: I want more people to know about my home study/self-paced courses and live workshops. So… I’m developing some marketing and promotion programs for that. 🙂 I got plans!

But I couldn’t have been able to be ready to execute on these plans if I hadn’t felt so supported recently.

It wasn’t always this way.

For a long, long, long time, I’ve felt alone as a creative entrepreneur.

What I do is so unique — I both write fiction actively and teach it and coach writers working on their fiction.

For a long time, I felt like there was no one else on the planet who was trying to do what I’m attempting: make honoring my creativity at the center of my life, and that includes how I run my business.

Recently, there’s been a shift though and I feel like I found my pack…

I really felt it at the beginning of June when I ran in a mostly all-woman 5K race.

I have also really felt the togetherness I seek from being a part of the Heart of Business community.

Since tuning into my need for more support at the beginning of the year, I’ve reached out, made requests, and am now a part of four different mastermind groups, each of two or three people.

Wholistic, creative, heart-centered peers, who support all of me and I all of them, including all the not so pretty, squirrelly, itchy and scratchy parts.

So, a shout-out to one of my big supports, Heart of Business, run by Mark Silver.

And another big shout out to Lynn Johnston, a fellow writing coach cohort, and friend. She’s got a new class up on creating character arcs that I can’t wait to explore. I’ve seen a sneak peek and I really love how in-depth she gets.

You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/CharArcs

(Yes, this is an affiliate link. If you would rather not use it, here’s the direct link: http://lynnreallylikes.com/building-the-character-arc/.)

Post your mid-year assessment below. I’d love to hear it.



Beth Barany is creativity coach for writers, a teacher, workshop facilitator, and speaker, helping writers address overwhelm and confusion so that they can write, market, and publish their fiction. And make it fun!
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4 Responses

  1. Daveler says:

    June and July are always hugely productive months for me for this exact reason! I always reflect on what’s working during this time of year too. I have been mulling over what’s not working in my career for a long time, and it only recently occurred to me that I always had a big part of the answer, but I was trying to refocus on areas I was more comfortable in, that I KNEW how to fix rather than really focusing on the big, but obvious, issue. Hopefully this will keep us going until December!

  2. Beth Barany says:

    Daveler, Thanks for sharing! I wish you much luck as you refocus on the big, but obvious issue.

  3. Hugh Tipping says:

    Thank you for sharing your mid-year reflection. I appreciate the reminder to think about my own process and where I am at this point.

    As a long-term student of yours, I have valued your experience, not only as a writer but as a businessperson. You have taught me so much about craft but you also have given me the tools to get what I create out there, something I knew NOTHING about before taking your classes.

    I also value what you talk about in this article, finding your “pack.” Humans are not meant to be alone, even writers whose work tends to be solitary. Finding like-minded individuals is difficult when you forge your own special path. I am glad to see you are finding them.

    I hope to see you build up your business more and will continue to be an advocate for what and how you teach.

  4. Beth Barany says:

    Hugh, Thank you so much for your support and glad you appreciate the reminder to think about your own process and where you are at this point.

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