Character Development for Planning Your Novel

Today is the third in an 8-post series on preparing your novel for Nanowrimo. In today’s post, we focus on character development for your NaNoWriMo prep. 

If you missed it, the first step in your novel preparation was your elevator pitch and the second step was crafting your story synopsis.

Keep in mind: Take note of your genre. This will give you a general idea of your story ending and the kinds of characters work best for the story you’re writing.

Time to budget: I recommend you take 30-60 minutes to do this exercise for each of your main characters.

Brainstorm these essential elements of your main characters to get you started:

  1. Goal, motivation and conflict, for both the inner life and outer life
  2. Strengths, inherent and learned
  3. Important relationships
  4. Appearance
  5. Education
  6. Home, living circumstances
  7. Preferred travel method
  8. Backstory as it relates to story problem
  9. The things in her pockets, or backpack, or car, or satchel, etc.
  10. Habits, mannerisms, ticks
  11. Other elements and factors that occur to you as interesting or important — jot them down!!


Here’s an image to share or pin and use for your brainstorming!

Character Development Questions, 11 Elements to Brainstorm

Character Development Questions, 11 Elements to Brainstorm (#30DayWC)



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