Beth Barany

Beth coaches and teaches writers and those who want to write. She's done so in two of her favorite places in the world (so far): the San Francisco Bay Area and Paris, France. Raised in Sonoma County, California, Beth knew she wanted to be a writer from a young age, and started at age 7 by writing her first book about her family's cats with her brother. Beth started teaching writing by teaching it to ESL students in Oakland, California. Soon, they were surprised to be writing short stories in their new English-language skills, and most importantly, they were enjoying it. (Well, most of them were.) Determined to get published, Beth published her first journalism article in the Paris Free Voice while she was living in the City of Lights in the early 1990s. It only took four tries and five rewrites! From working in journalism for 15 years, Beth switched her focus to fiction, and now writes fantasy and science fiction. She currently has a young adult fantasy novel under consideration by agents and editors. On her off-hours, Beth enjoys the outdoors, gardens, watches movies, and reads! Beth is married to singer/song-writer and high school physics teacher, Ezra Barany.

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  • Bonnie Gean

    What happens if you never got the copyright paperwork filed but sent the original documents to yourself and now retain them in a sealed envelope?

    This can still prove you were the original writer, can it not?

  • Tami Principe

    Wonderful, and very informative blog! Thank you for sharing this information and relaying the importance of registering their work. Very well done!

  • Kelley Way

    Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for reading! Yes, copyright application materials can be used to establish authorship and the date of creation, they just don’t hold the same weight as a certificate of registration.

  • Matthew Hintz

    Another reason to register copyright: registration certificate needed to bring infringement suit: