Healthy Writers Club: Move and Write

This has been a mixed week for exercise, what with the cold and wet weather starting. I felt a little off my game, since I started week #2 of my own Couch-to-5K program, inspired by Josh Clark’s article on the site, The workouts are a little more intense, and I wish I could run, but want to make the workouts totally doable so I’m sticking to walking for now. I walk fast during the High Intensity intervals and stroll comfortably during the Low Intensity intervals.

Day #3, Week #1: Saturday, Nov. 3 . I walked in my neighborhood. Can’t remember where. It’s a blur. So much has happened since then. Though I do remember working at my computer on a free report I’m releasing soon. LOL

Day #4, Week #2: Monday, Nov. 5: I walked on Piedmont Ave. to Mountain View Cemetery and back. I also practiced deep breathing and did a more intense interval cycle, as is requested for week #2. It was nice walking in this calm space, while listening to election news — pre-final results.

Day #5, Week #2: Wednesday, Nov. 7 — I walked with my friend, Meta, and didn’t do the fartlek training, but I did go to Capoeira class at Capoeira Mandinga! Yes! Marcelo the mestre was teaching. He did a great job helping the newbies like me feel comfortable.

Day #6, Week #2: I’m planning to walk when I get back from my SFA-RWA (San Francisco Area Romance Writers of America) group meeting tomorrow. I’ll update you if I did next week. Thanks for keeping me honest! 😉

*** More info on the Healthy Writers Club and my fellow writers participating here: At last count we are up to 24 writers! And thanks Shallee for commenting on one of my Healthy Writers Club posts! Woot! Together we are strong! Thanks for creating this movement!

Lastly, a shout out to writer Tammy Theriault! Awesome for getting back into your workouts. I don’t think I could do 6:30am Crossfit workouts. Hats off!

How about you? Share your exercise, both casual and otherwise, below, and let’s support each other!

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  1. M. Reisberg says:

    Getting into shape> Body mind/heart & spirit.
    Begun swimming @ the Plunge (Natatorium), Richmond. Perhaps we can have some free swimming exercises/creativity exercises.

    For now, it’s to enable me to resume a work schedule that incudes, extended periods of eye,hand , and leg work in a creative kitchen.

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