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  • Jason Matthews

    Really useful info. People ask me all the time how to get reviews and into libraries, etc. I have to admit, it’s probably the hardest element of being an Indie author today.

  • T.W. Fendley

    This is great! Thanks for the info–I’ll definitely give it a try. I love libraries and would love to have my books available to more readers.

  • Ezra Barany

    Jason, I’m glad it’s useful to you! And I agree it’s one of the hardest elements of being an indie author.

    T.W., thanks for the comment! I believe, however, the best way to be found in the library is to make sure you have a searchable title. See my post on how to come up with a good title.

    If, for example, the book title is “Grenwatipuppycom,” I’ll bet you anything no one’s going to search that word on a library database unless they’ve already heard of the book before. (There’s no such book, by the way.)

    The only other way such a book will be found is if people wandering in the same section see the spine on the shelf. And, yeah, maybe I’d be curious enough to see what the heck kind of book is “Grenwatipuppycom.”

    And if people don’t find the book often enough to check it out of the library, it’ll be shelved on the “books for 25 cents” cart.

    To your success, Jason and TW!