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  1. I recently signed up for KDP Select and had 2 free days this past weekend. I ended up with 9,200 downloads and made the top hundred in major lists. It’s resulted in huge sales and I am still on some of the big paid lists. The program was a definite boon for me.

  2. Robin Moore says:

    Very helpful post about KDP, Ezra. Thanks!

  3. Ezra Barany says:

    Robin, glad it helped! And good to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well. :)

    Jessica, WOW! Do you think having consecutive free days helps? What about having a free Tuesday sale where the book is free for five consecutive Tuesdays? That way, people can start reading the book and if they like it, they can tell their friends, “Get the book! It’ll be free again this Tuesday!”

    Something I forgot to mention above is that, after my bride’s book had its free day, she made over 75 book sales when the price returned. It was a HUGE jump from her previous sales!

    Everyone, have you had successes or failures with KDP Select? I’d love to hear your stories!

  4. Ezra, I think that it helped I did it over President’s Day weekend and that it was for two days as the numbers really started to climb faster the second day. I’m a little gun shy now of doing too many free days since I had so many downloads. I want to sell as many as possible before I do another free day. BUT, if the numbers drop again you can be sure I will use it as a tool to get my book selling again. It realling powerful in my opinion. I am still in the top 30 on three lists, five days out.

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