Beth Barany

Beth Barany is the editor and publisher of the Writer's Fun Zone. Certified as a Creativity Coach and NLP Practitioner, and an award-winning novelist of a YA fantasy novel, Beth Barany is passionate about helping genre novelists get their message out into the world, gain confidence in their self-expression, and discover how they can get noticed and sell books to their readers. More about her services and products for genre novelists at Write on!

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  • shah wharton

    Great read. I have little trouble writing my characters with this in mind – instinctively, but then I read back through it and realise I’d taken the knowledge in my mind and left it off the page entirely. Then I had to add to the outline considerably, for those who don’t actually live in the mind that actually created the characters. :) Its easy to forget that bit. X

  • Kay Keppler

    Isn’t that the truth? We know who our characters are, so *we* know how they’ll behave. But our readers know only what we tell them.