Once Upon A Time… Bring Magic Into Your Fiction class

Once Upon A Time… Bring Magic Into Your Fiction class

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“Once upon a time there was magical woman who loved fairy tales. But alas, the evil monster had eaten every tale in the land. And thus the magical woman had no more power, because all her power was bound up in the tales she would tell around the fire at night. …”


Once upon a time there was magical woman who loved fairy tales. But alas, the evil monster had eaten every tale in the land. And thus the magical woman had no more power, because all her power was bound up in the tales she would tell around the fire at night.

So, one day when she was moping around the house, half hearted swinging her sword and chasing her cats, a crow flew into the open window, and cawed.

“Caw, caw,” it said. That’s what she heard.

“Hey you!” is what he really said.

But she was smart enough to remember him from the last time he brought her an important message.

“Crow, what have you come to tell me this time?” she said, then threw the sword down in frustration because she knew she wouldn’t be able to understand him.

He shook a claw at her. At first she was insulted, then she realized that a small note was wrapped around his leg. She whispered a thanks to the gods and the crow, and carefully detached the note from his leg.

He flew off with a loud and final “Caw!” while she unscrolled the note.

This is what it said:

“Lady Wizard, you are cordially invited to a class to unlock your stories, and thwart the evil monster of stale stories and writus blockus. For your magic is within.

But you must Beware! This class is not for the faint at heart, but I know that you, Lady Wizard, are up to the challenge, for your pen is your sword and your sword your pen! Act now and Sign up now to get $55 off.

Read on!”
And so she did.

And this is what she read:
Bring Magic Into Your Fiction
Now you can enhance your fiction easily and write with more freedom with this fun five-week live tele-seminar on:
Bring Magic into Your Fiction:
How Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & More can Enliven Your Stories
by Beth Barany, Expert Instructor, Author & Book Coach
This course is right for you if:
*you write or want to write fantasy or paranormal fiction
*you want to be inspired and bring magic into other people’s lives
*you want your readers to escape into a wonderful world
*you want your fiction to communicate to the hearts and minds of your readers so they can see their lives in whole new ways
*you have a story in you that wants to get out but you don’t know how to unlock it
*you can’t find the time to write so need some outside structure
*you’re afraid the story won’t be good enough and no one will read it
*you fear that something is missing but you don’t know what it is
*you feel your story lacks a certain sparkle


When: 5 Thursdays, starting October 22, 2009
http://bethbarany.com/work shops/fairytales.htm

NOTE: The weekly hourly conference line calls are 10am Pacific/1 pm Eastern/18h GMT

To sign up, please email or call Beth.

You will receive by email within one business day the phone number and conference code for the course, and the private & dedicated group email address.

Learn how to use fairy tales, folktales and other elements of fantasy to write more powerful fiction.

In this workshop, you will:
*Learn how to identify motifs, understand their applications and benefits, and how they can shape and improve your story;

*Enhance the power of your fiction by mastering the use of your story’s magical objects;

*Increase your tools of world building, including setting, history, “pantheon of power,” and more

*Be inspired and motivated to move your story forward

*Gain clarity in what’s already working well in your fiction

*Get structured exercises both about and on your writing

*Harness the subconscious power of oral story telling
“Knowledge of the kinds of motifs is the basic tool of trade for the storyteller.” – Professor Waller Hastings at Northern State University at Aberdeen, SD
Important Details:
* Date: Five Thursdays, October 22, 29, November 5, 12, 19, 2008
* Time: The weekly conference line calls are 10am Pacific/1 pm Eastern/18h GMT: Conference phone number and invitation to email group to be sent via email at sign up.
* Yes, all calls will be recorded for listening at a later time.
* Cost: $250 ***
*Class Size: Limited to 15 students.

Seminar attendees in all time zones welcome!

***Early Bird Special Offer
Save $55 on this class, good only until today, Oct. 16, 2009, 12 midnight Pacific, then the price goes up.


If you are serious about improving your fiction and want to benefit from the solutions this class will provide, then send an email to beth@bethbarany.com to get your early Bird Promotion Code. Good only until Oct. 16, 2009. Act now!
Email Beth at beth@bethbarany.com or call her at 510-332-5384.


BRING MAGIC INTO YOUR FICTION live tele-class starting soon! Sign up now and get $55 off.


I only have room for 15 students. And the discount ends today 12midnight Pacific time!

c. 2009


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