Writer's Fun Zone by Beth Barany

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Planning Your Book by Kay Keppler

Novelists tend to fall into one of two camps: either they start their books knowing only one character, or a character’s name, and discover the plot and other characters as they write, or they do a 90-page outline with all the turning points and climaxes in place.

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Take a Break From Your Writing

I’m all for being focused on your writing, being disciplined, having a plan. And of course having goals. But sometimes you need to take a break. I don’t know about you, but I find...

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Perspective: Pointing the Way to Story by Kay Keppler

Part of craft is choosing from which perspective, or point of view, you tell your story. Your choices are first, second, or third person (limited or omniscient). Each has its strengths and drawbacks. Well, okay, second person has no strengths, only drawbacks, unless you’re writing how-to manuals. In that case, carry on. Fiction people, you have choices to make.

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SHOW vs TELL – What the he … heck? by Author Carol Malone

When editors and critiquers first started reading through my precious manuscripts, I got a lot of “Show, don’t tell,” scrawled across my pages in blood-red ink. And of course, I thought, What the h@#l. What does “Show don’t tell” mean? No one explained it precisely, they all expected me to glean the meaning from the insufficient information they didn’t bother to offer me.

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Writer Envy by Annmarie Miles

I cheer and whoop and holler for other writers’ success; and when I do, I mean it. I genuinely mean it. But I find myself constantly comparing myself to others and how they are doing. Social media doesn’t help with that. Knowing how many followers and likes and comments etc that others have can give me a false sense of triumph and needless disappointment.