Writer's Fun Zone by Beth Barany

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Q&A with Nadine Travers

Please welcome Nadine Travers to our Featured Q&A series at Writer’s Fun Zone. If you’d like to be considered for an interview, check out our guidelines here.

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Fall Forward by Nevada McPherson

The weather has just turned cooler where I live and with it I notice the light in the afternoon has a different quality. In the summer heat it’s difficult to imagine these brisk, golden days will ever arrive and when they finally do I greet them with joy and a renewed sense of purpose.

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Call for Submissions to Tapas, New App Publisher

More Ezra and I have stories published at Tapas, and heard from them that they are looking for new stories. They recently put out a call for submissions. Check out the note I recently got...

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Calling Dedicated Novelists

Welcome to Fall. It’s been a time of deep reflection for me and a time of celebration. I want to tell you about a new investment level for the upcoming Plan Your Novel course...

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Crankiness + Growth

For the last few weeks, I’ve been go through what my colleagues at the Berkeley Psychic Institute call “a growth period.”

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Get More from Your Settings by Kay Keppler

Have you ever picked up a book and read back cover copy that sent shivers down your spine? You know what I mean: stories located in a peaceful country garden filled with sweetpeas and butterflies, or the brooding castle that bristles with medieval weaponry—these are the settings that tell you what adventures lie in store.