Writer's Fun Zone by Beth Barany

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Q&A with Hayley of Hayley’s Reviews, a YA Book Blogger

My name is Hayley Guertin, and I live in Ontario, Canada with my mom and my dog Jax. I got into reading when I was 10, and even before that, I used to pick books over toys anytime. My hobbies include listening to music and working on reviews. (I feel like I’m on a dating website.)

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Featured Q&A With Author Missy Kirtley

Missy Kirtley, born in Marin, California, is a life-long resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. She is married with two young daughters. For four years running, Missy has won NaNoWriMo. The Royals, Volume 1: Eddie was published in June of 2014. The Royals, Volume 2: Lance, was published in August, 2014. Both are available on Amazon.com. The first chapter of Under, a Portal Fantasy novel in progress, placed in the 2015 San Mateo County Fair’s Literary contest, Genre Novelist First Chapter division. Missy currently resides in Castro Valley, California. She works diligently on a plethora of writing projects.

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Interview with Writing Coach, Beth Barany by Sapphire Stone

As a college student, I was asked to interview someone in a career I am interested in for my College Success class. My career interests include becoming a book editor/writer, and the first person I thought of to interview was Beth. I had previously worked with Beth on my dark urban fantasy novel and was greatly impressed with Beth’s experience, level of professionalism, and passion for writing. I knew she would be the perfect person to interview for my assignment.

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Benefits of a Strategic Short Story Reading Practice by Maya Goode

When great writers give advice to “read more,” it is good advice but incomplete. If you read the same types of stories, by similar writers who write on similar levels, you will not learn as much as you will if you read diversely. Reading across culture, race, style, and techniques, you will gain many skills that you can later add to your writing.

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6 Elements of Successful Storytelling by Kay Keppler

A publisher recently sent me a review of a published book that I’d edited for them. The review praised several specifics that I had fought for over two revision cycles. To me, the need for the changes had seemed obvious—but they came as a surprise to the author. In fact, the last several manuscripts I’ve worked on have had significant structural issues—nothing that couldn’t be repaired, but expensive in terms of time and effort, especially since some problems came up early and affected events throughout the book.

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Frame by Frame Tells the Story by Nevada McPherson

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know I’ve talked about my experience creating hand-drawn graphic novels and the joys and challenges of undertaking such a project. I’ve discussed how my process has evolved since my first book, Uptowners, and how I’m trying something different and more collaborative for the upcoming sequel, Queensgate.