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One Writer’s Journey from The Beginning A Step-by-Step Beginner Writers Guide – Part 1 How to Write Your Novel Without Having a Background in Writing by Raina Schell

I was stuck thinking today, as I am most days and I realized that when I began writing I could have really used a tutorial, someone else’s experience – kind of like a step-by-step guide. I had plenty of seasoned writers trying to help and I’m so grateful to all of them but the beginning is just plain hard. So I wanted to write a guide for those of you who are about to start or who have just started or who want to start and are afraid or lost or confused or all of the above….

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Wanted: “Real” Professionals, Writers Need Not Apply by Jami Gray

Like many writers, my ultimate goal is to write full-time and earn a living. Thanks to a corporate reduction, I got half of my wish. I no longer have any excuses for not taking advantage of my suddenly empty schedule, and have filled it accordingly with word goals galore. While my recent status change can be viewed as an unexpectedly blessing, I discovered I harbored a dirty little secret—I didn’t consider writing a job.

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So Forget About Passion. And While You’re at it, Forget About Goals, Too. by Carol Malone

I’ve been talking about goals a lot lately and their importance to us as writers. In last month’s WFZ article, I mentioned how amateurs are different from professional writers in that they show up and do the hard work required of them every day, even if they experience boredom. This time, I want to discuss the importance of actually accomplishing something, whether it be in writing or in life.

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Summer Sale for a few more days!

Happy Summer everyone! My month-long Branding for Novelists class is still in full swing. We ran a Facebook party last week and will be doing a Twitter chat this week — all to practice...

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Words in Season by Annmarie Miles

Coming from Ireland as I do, even the slightest bit of sunshine brings excitement. We have a lot of rain – It’s why we have our ‘40 shades of green.’ I remember as a kid, when on vacation at the beach, it didn’t matter what the weather was like. Sun, rain, wind, arctic temperatures – we didn’t care. We were in the sea, building sandcastles, chasing beach balls as they blew away.

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The 12 Step Program for Writers Addicted To Writing by Catharine Bramkamp

You are a real writer, that’s why you stopped at this title. You persist. Real writers write despite nagging questions about the mortgage, food and what to do with the children this weekend. And you still write. So where is our international support group? Not a critique group – not a writers reading group, we already belong to those. What I would like to see is a more sensible group, based on the real challenges and essential character of a writer.

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A Year To Publication: Avoiding a Saggy Middle in Your Novel by Jennifer Snow

‘Yay, no saggy middle issue’, the words every author hopes to hear from their editors upon receiving revision notes. But how do we avoid it when we have three hundred pages to fill? Believe me, I feel the pain of that middle section of every book I write, just like everyone else…I’ve just learned a few techniques to ‘get around it’. At every writing conference I attend, I always choose to sit in on the workshops that tackle this issue and the following are various tips I’ve found to be the most helpful.

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Having Your Say by Nevada McPherson

Do you ever shy away from certain topics in your writing for fear of what people will say or think? As a writer and/or artist you have power and the ability to influence others through what you create. Why not use that power to challenge assumptions and to try and get closer to the truth? Is it because the truth can set you free, but can also get you fired, killed, or at the very least into arguments and trouble with your friends, family and associates?

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Blood in the Water – Guest Post by Tash McAdam

Warp Weavers is set in alterna-London, so my friends and I have dubbed it story ‘low fantasy’—using the world we know and live in, but with twists of magic. Think Harry Potter, or Buffy. My editor tells me that this is actually called urban fantasy, but I like my version better. So what’s it all about?

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Featured Q&A With Denis Ledoux

Please welcome Author Denis Ledoux, to our Featured Q&A at Writer’s Fun Zone. *** If you’d like to be considered for an interview, check out our guidelines here. ***     On to our...

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Q&A with Dave M. Strom

I, Dave M. Strom, am a technical writer, comic book geek, and budding novelist and short story writer. So far, I specialize in bringing to life Holly Hansson, the Super(wo)man who’d rather be Clark Kent. She’s a writer also.