Writer's Fun Zone by Beth Barany

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Characters and Their Sensory Limitations: POV and Description by Susanne Lakin

Few writers pay much attention to character placement, but this is something of paramount concern to filmmakers, and a subject I cover in depth in Shoot Your Novel. A director has to lay out his camera shots, deciding when a close-up shot would be more effective than a long shot, for example. He may want the camera positioned far away from the action, to make details unclear and evoke curiosity or misinterpretation. Or he may have an extreme close-up to ensure viewers don’t miss a tiny detail that is crucial to the plot.

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Don’t Rush Your Writing by Deanna Jackson

About 3 months ago I submitted my writing to a chapter contest for Romance Writers of America. I received the feedback a little over a month ago and am just now writing a post about it because I was too embarrassed to share before.

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Deadlines Are Your Friend

Today I want to talk about deadlines and how they are your friend. Or would that be friends? The power of this November during Nanowrimo lies in that it’s a deadline, and a collective...

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Ignore the Fear and Write! by Jami Gray

We all face it, that frightening moment when our flying fingers pause mid-motion over the keyboard. Wait, was that the wrong tense? Did I say that before? Is that a realistic reaction from my character? Oh pink elephants, that’s too predictable!

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Find + Keep Your Creative Flow

Today I want to talk about creative flow. How do you know when you’re in your flow? For me, I feel content, grounded, powerful. When I’m not in my flow, I feel grumpy, spacey,...

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Cheering on the Wrimos from the Sidelines by Annmarie Miles

I took the decision not to do NaNoWriMo this year. I’m so far behind with other writing projects; I could not contemplate starting something new. However I did enjoy the last couple of years and learned a lot from it. Hopefully for next November I’ll be ready to try it again.

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Ten Minute Trick Pony by Catharine Bramkamp

Many authors and students have difficulty starting their projects. For students, often the problem is they aren’t terribly inspired by the topic. I don’t blame them for feeling stuck. It’s difficult find motivation in broad topics like, say, global warming. Once you’ve created a slide showing that poor polar bear swimming in the melted waters of the Arctic, there isn’t much else to say.