Writer's Fun Zone by Beth Barany


What is Your Why? By Carol Malone

I recently heard a speaker say, “unless you discover your WHY, you’ll never become the person you were meant to be.” This disturbed me.


6 Types of Writer Pain and How To Resolve Them (Part 2) by Beth Barany

Writers often feel all alone in their problems, as if they are the only one to intensely feel the pain of not writing. This pain can come in many different forms. Last week I shared 6 types of writers pain (part 1) I typically see in my work as a writer’s coach and teacher. There are many things I say to help writers experiencing one of those types of pain to resolve the pain, to start to feel better.


The New Countdown by Nevada McPherson

Now that the New Year has begun, I, like many of you, am focused on completing unfinished projects and starting some new ones. I’m nearing the end of Part 2 of my latest graphic novel but the end seems to be taking forever!


The Magic of Journaling by Catharine Bramkamp

We are writers. We write. Good, bad, ugly and sometimes completely indifferent work and words all scribbled down in the dark of night, or dawn. We often can’t help but write. And we often wonder if we are just wasting time. Turns out we aren’t.


Outsource the Rest By Martin Haworth

It’s a few years now since I read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week, but the memories of what Tim said in that book have lingered with me over the years, even though, up to now, I’ve never quite felt able to follow his life-plan as far as he did.